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How to fall in love

If you manage to put your designer-ego aside and give up on the idea that you’re a big author, you might have a great chance to fall in love … with the traditional creations, that we so often take for granted. Then you’ll understand the power of long-lasting, collective design. It’s all about contribution and each generation does its best and will try to pass the legacy further on. This will make you understand just how much people were connected through trade, which determined the exchange of ideas as well.

Collective design is brilliant and efficient by being really selective. It’s about achieving that genius simplicity. When you fall in love with traditional designs, you can take a step back and encourage and empower women to contribute for the best solutions; as women have been creators, designers and caretakers for thousands of years.

Collective design means no-nonsense, pragmatism, optimization and the best use of the resources because good design must be democratic and address to all. Design means, more and more, solving issues to improve people’s lives. Design means to love people and love all forms of life.

Design is love.

So why not let yourself fall in love, fall deep, get to touch the ground, get down to earth. And when you rise again, rise as an ethical consumer and creator.

photo: © Raluca Savulescu

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Bucharest Mood and Mud

Bucharest is now a bustling city, whose legend is based on a rescue and a love story and its name can be translated as “The City of Joy”. Established on a swamp, several lakes and slow, sinuous rivers, it grew spontaneously, chaotic, naturally. Yet, surrounded by concrete, glass and steel, traffic and tall buildings, the heart of nature is beating undisturbed. YES ! We have a delta, an ecosystem recreated on an abandoned site. Hundreds of species of plans, insects, animals, 90 species of rare, protected birds are living among us. Nature knows what to do and as long as we don’t interfere, it can heal itself and flourish. Our city delta is here to remind us that we are part of a fragile but enduring system. And keeping nature in balance with technology is up to us. Technologies can be and must be clean.

We just have to return to that ancient wisdom, which states that it’s worthy to worship only those sources of energy that are never to end: sun, wind, waves and creativity.

And for us to never get distant, we keep these energies embroidered on our shirts.

Ecologist by profession, Maria can name how many benefits come from wearing long-lasting clothes. Durable, offering thermal comfort, they are clothes created to take care of us ! And they don’t require so much care. Less washing, less detergent, less ironing it means less impact on our resources and respect for water. Water is the source of life and must be protected, of we want life to continue on this planet. Let’s celebrate life with a glass of clean water !

photo: © Raluca Savulescu