Welcome ! We are superwomen !

Emancipated amidst – consumerism era, we reconnected with the enduring values of our culture through embroidery, using the finest threads and strong, meaningful patterns


Collective design

Thanks to their concept, our traditional shirts manage to fit persons of all shapes and sizes. No size, no age, no wasted materials, no compromising when it comes to our comfort and our planet’s well being. No random lines, no losses. Old cutting patterns are at the base of this entire universe with so many visual choices. Traditional materials like hemp, linen, wool and silk ensure a feel-good state. They are more durable and easier to maintain. If they’re worn with care they can be passed on the next generation. They fit any shape and they allow a personal touch through the creative visuals of the sewn patterns, with a classic beauty. The small innovations we added are dedicated to the ways modern women have diversified their occupations.


100% original concept, based on:

ancient cutting principles

authentic embroidery patterns

high quality natural materials

intricate details & touches



We now create so you can experience wearing the dress of a mother-goddess. Your body will be protected by natural fibers, linen and hemp, your spirit will be enriched by birds and flowers, river and stars, bees, dreams, ancient wisdom and endless energy. For your special order please contact us:


Our team: Gabriela Matei, Stefania Atanasiu, Raluca Savulescu, Mihaela Contiu, Elena Cristina Ionescu, Alina Tanasa Fetcu, Sorina Andreescu, Anca Mihaela Badiu, Elena Mazilu, Daniela Voinea, Claudia Petruta Iugulescu, Roxana Chivu Constantinescu, Carmen Florea, Luminita Enciu, Oana Luchian, Adrian Margarit, Monica Manu, Mihai Corduneanu, Antoanela Iordache, Ana Visan, Maria Visan, Ioana Corduneanu