About V2



mindful design is collective and responsible design


Our Creations

We started by trusting the wisdom of every living thing, plants and animals and the choices of our ancestors. If, from all vegetal fibers, they selected and cultivated hemp for thousands of years, and used hemp fabric for their hard work days shirts is because, yes, hemp pampers you, becoming more and more comfy in time. Supple, smooth, it’s refreshing, absorbing the sweat and keeping your comfort. If they selected linen for their best shirts is because the fabric is noble, independent, keeps you cool and light. Wool is to keep us warm and it catches color like no other. And silk is silk. All these valuable fibers, the know-how of passionate people and the cutting edge technologies used for processing them are complemented by the skilled hands of our volunteers.

The results are, naturally, exclusive items.



are, in fact, information encoded in our traditional shirts. They are not only a masterpiece of collective design, offering us all the protection and comfort we need but they are a storage of information, a source of wisdom, enriched by each generation.

It was vital for human race to find ways to share the experience with others, for the benefit of future generations. People found various ways to encode important ideas and concepts in order to be kept and become useful to others who could de-code it.

Women that now we consider ‘illiterate’ were writing with needle and thread, using an ancient, visual, universal alphabet based on icons. They were abstract symbols, inspired by nature, used to express the laws of nature – which we can not escape. Infinite energy, balance, stars, rivers, seeds, birds, bees and buds populate our shirts and remind us how to be happy. The symbols and their grammar confirm us that the planet which is our home has this magic power to regenerate again and again, in a cycle of growth and decay where there is no death and no hell, as long as we don’t generate it.


A New Attitude

We are an NGO: united and determined to preserve and transmit the textile heritage of so many generations along with all the benefits of embroidery. They transcend ethics and aesthetics, time and space. The only borders are the hems. The financial support generated from sales will help us continue and develop our educational activities, such as: exhibitions, studies and partnerships with museums, embroidery classes and online advice for all those willing to take a needle and write down their story.