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Want them all

All the clothes in the world, all labels and all fashions cannot cover a body without a soul.

What you wear is said to be a statement, a visual message for what people can expect of you. The fashion industry has made many of us to believe that social status, wealth and well-being is expressed in what we wear: from their offer, of course. It’s the power of “look how many things I can buy”.

And now, again, in the post-consumerism era, we understand that the power is “look how many things I can do”. And even more important: “look how many things I can buy but I don;t, because i don’t need to”.

Understanding and extracting the real needs is a process of getting to know yourself while learning your needs are everyone’s needs. The need to belong, to make yourself useful, to offer and protect – are more important than the ‘need’ to go shopping for all sort of excuses.

So yes, want them all: the journey, the earth, the stars, the rivers, the flowers, the birds and the bees and the human touch, the balance, the energy, the dream. But they can be all on one shirt. That is the Romanian concept, to have the whole world with you and to remember your role in it.