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Twice in a lifetime

First time you are born as a consumer. Helpless, you need to be fed and cared for; you need affection, attention and energy, information and education. Your mother and then, if you are lucky, all society is there to protect you. You go to school, you graduate, you earn, you buy, you get a loan to buy more …

But then, at some point, it might happen to you again. You are born again. As a contributor, a creator, a protector. The circumstances change and you see the same world from a different angle: from above.

The new you will be independent, stronger, aware and will be there for others.

Values are changing and are better defined. Eventually you find a goal, a mission and a path to follow.

It’s a winding path but now you can see what it’s leading to. It’s a path of heroes. It’s the initiation journey and it’s no return.

photo: © Raluca Savulescu